Jackson Plumbing & Heating (Contractors) Ltd provide plumbing and heating services in Sussex, Surrey and Kent. With 40 years industry experience, we carry out commercial and new build residential installments spanning across a wide range of sectors.  The highly knowledgeable and experienced team carry out the design, planning, installations and maintenance of plumbing and heating systems for any size project.


We can meet with all client requirements and tender competitively for projects ranging from £20,000 to £5,000,000, including nursing homes, schools, refurbishments, sports facilities and large housing developments. Please contact us for tender enquiries.

Quality Control

The foundation of the company’s success is our attention to detail at all times. To manage this we have our own company standard working practice in place on all of our sites.

Our site Foremen are responsible for the instruction and delegation of the standard working practice sheets and implementation of all works on site. On large sites there are operatives who are responsible for quality control, the results of which are checked by our Contract Supervisors.